Sabina Socol x Fedoma

The Parisian journalist and style IT-girl Sabina joined forces with 

Fedoma in making a collection that reminds us of friends, our closed 

ones, and ultimately, LOVE that bonds us together at all times.

Inspired by Sabina's personal stories and her nostalgic and 

dreamy style partly adopted from the 90s sitcom " Friends", 

the exclusive collection from Sabina x Fedoma 

is born, from our sketchbook to you. 

Lindy Ring - Solid Gold

This 14k solid gold ring is inspired by Sabina's love for flowers. 

When there are flowers, there are celebrations, both large and tiny, 

whether it is to celebrate good friend's graduation, wedding, 

or even a getaway moment with yourself. Crafted 

with a touch of hand-selected mini pearls, the 

Lindy ring is as nostalgic as it could be.

Mimi Necklace - Solid Gold

A perfume bottle that is directly hand-drawn by

Sabina comes to life. Dainty but crafted with weight, 

the Mimi necklace is reminiscent of Sabina's collection 

of perfume bottles since her teenage years.

Ballet Hoop 

Inspired by the throwback trend for customizable pieces, Sabina 

designs these tiny pearl hoops that remind her of the handmade 

charms she had back in the days, but all grown 

up in proportion and texture.