Our Story

Our Story

Inspired from an unseen traditional jewellery crafting process, Fedoma brings together unique designs and the finest materials into refined retro pieces that are here to accompany you from season to season.

Every single piece of Fedoma’s jewellery is carefully handcrafted in-house, with the goal in mind to surprise and effortlessly complement women all over the world. Our traditional process and craftsmanship follow closely to how the Roman Empire, specifically the Byzantine Empire made theirs in the 18th century. Infusing with our renowned wax moulding and polishing process, our pieces are uniquely textured while remaining the shine of contemporary jewellery.The making of Fedoma pieces involve tools that are manually controlled to transform precious materials and gemstones into wearable works of art - No two piece is the exact same, ever. 

"Having a piece of Fedoma’s Jewellery is like having something that is truly original and traditional with designs of today’s vintage.” - Vogue, Condé Nast It's a craft, and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts


At the core of Fedoma is to maintain social responsibility while we are at it. We incorporate sustainable and ethical practices in everything we do. From using eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to investing in green building infrastructure.


We partner with fair trade producers and suppliers to ensure that no child labour were involved in the making and that the artisans are paid upfront and fairly. Fedoma jewellery is something you can always be proud of wearing every day, and forever.

Ethically Made

Fedoma is committed to supporting healthy and ethical working conditions for our entire supply chain, from miners to jewellers, and the larger communities that support them.

Recycled & Reclaimed 

We adopt reclaimed metals from refiners that share the mission to minimize environmental impacts. We also recycle materials from studio supplies to precious materials, reducing waste generated by 20% compared to the industrial average.

 Fair-mined Metals 

All of our pieces are crafted from Fair-mined metals, supporting empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners. Investing in mining operations, social development and environmental protection.